First Baptist Christian School came into existence in 1953 as an educational ministry of First Baptist Church. The purpose of the school is to glorify God through evangelizing, edifying, and educating young people.

As an arm of the church, the school seeks to assist parents in the development of young lives for the glory of God, and to make Jesus Christ preeminent in their lives.

The school has two major divisions: elementary (K3-5), and secondary (6-12).

In recent years, First Baptist Christian School has broadened its program to more effectively minister to Christian young people. The college preparatory program has been complemented with a commercial curriculum which offers courses in keyboarding and computer classes. First Baptist students also enjoy the opportunity to attend Danville Area Community College as dual-enrollment students in the afternoons.

Extra-curricular opportunities are many and include interscholastic athletics, choir, yearbook, drama, and other exciting activities. Membership in the Illinois Association of Christian Schools and American Association of Christian Schools has provided interscholastic fine arts and academic competitions with other Christian young people.

First Baptist Christian School’s campus is located at the church facility in Danville, Illinois. The building consists of a three-floor educational wing with sixteen well-equipped, air-conditioned classrooms. The school uses the church sanctuary as a chapel, and our school library is growing each year. Our new computer lab features an up-to-date computer system that is networked throughout the entire building.

Statement of Purpose

The mission of First Baptist Christian School is to make the most of Jesus Christ through spiritual, academic, physical, and social development. This school exists to promote the Christian philosophy of education, the Word of God, and Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of Truth. This mission is to be accomplished through example, discipline, love, and prayer.

Statement of Affiliation

First Baptist Christian School is a member of the Illinois Association of Christian Schools and is therefore a member of the American Association of Christian Schools.

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