Why Consider FBCS?

Foreign Languages

Habla Espanol? We provide instruction in Spanish I – IV.


Math skills are taught from elementary school on up. Special emphasis on algebra, advanced math, and geometry is provided for First Baptist high schoolers.


Learning how to stand up and speak out is what First Baptist teaches young people. Our English and grammar classes teach our students about God’s gift of written and verbal communication. Training in speech and drama is also available for junior and senior high students.


Music is taught in grades K-10. Musical performance groups exist at all levels: elementary, junior high, and high school. We offer a third grade recorder band as well as an elementary band. Private piano lessons are available to our students as well.

Specialized Training

Students needing special remedial help may attend special tutoring sessions to help them learn all they need to know.


Competent instruction in general science and specialized instruction in chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology for high school students is given priority at First Baptist. Of course, a proper view of creation and evolution, based upon Scriptural principles, is foundational.


As a ministry of First Baptist Church, First Baptist Christian School provides your child with a quality Christian education experience.

We believe that Christ and the Bible should be the heart of our curriculum as we seek to develop your child in the four primary aspects of education:


Through carefully planned academic training, our students learn to build strong character.


Through regular physical activity that is both healthy and fun, our students learn to maintain their bodies responsibly.

favor with God

Through the instruction of God’s Word, our students learn to discern God’s will and to grow spiritually.

favor with man

Through daily opportunities to interact with others, our students learn to sharpen their social skills in a Christlike manner.

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)

Other FBCS Advantages

  • Because we put the Bible at the center of our curriculum, we also put it in our classrooms. Your child will receive Bible training in grades K3-12. In addition, regular chapel sessions are conducted each week, exposing students to the teaching of the Word of God.
  • Our traditional education philosophy means that we put the emphasis on solid academics—the 3R’s and more.
  • As a ministry of a local church, you can be assured that your own Christian ideals will not be compromised by the instruction your child receives in the classroom.
  • In addition, your child will sit under the instruction of one of the finest faculty in the area. These men and women of God have dedicated themselves to Christian education of young people. They deeply care about our students, and their selfless dedication to the welfare of our students is shown again and again.


  • First Baptist students consistently score significantly higher than the national average on achievement tests and college entrance exams.
  • First Baptist students have been elected to the American Christian Honor Society and commended to the National Merit Scholarship Program. Today, First Baptist graduates, now numbering over 700, can be found in all facets of work, including the pastorate, missions, medicine, construction, education, and numerous other fields.


First Baptist offers elementary, junior high, and senior high basketball, junior and senior high soccer, and junior and senior high girls’ volleyball.

Consider a visit to FBCS. We would love to give you a tour of our facility and explain how FBCS might be right for your family. Please contact us!